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The rain unceasing deluge has made riding a bit of a challenge. This past Wednesday, Ringtail and I attempted to do a Paradise Loop after work to take advantage of a brief clearing in the weather.

We had our Route 66 mindset well in place as we meandered more or less accidentally through Belvedere, took in some spectacular views we’d never seen on our previous 100 times through this route, and discovered a secret passage that transformed  Not a Through Street into a Push Your Bike Up a Steep Hill.

Then we ran into a work crew on Paradise Drive attempting to repair a giant sink hole in the dark. I guess that the scrawled "No Bikes" on the Road Closed sign wasn’t in jest. So our Paradise Loop became a slightly longer than expected Paradise Out-and-Back.

Finally, just about a mile from home, I broke a spoke rather spectacularly. Sounded like I ran over a champagne bottle. Definitely, a "what the heck was that!?" moment. The spoke snapped right in the middle, which I’d never seen happen before. When I showed it to the owner of my local bike shop the next day, he offered that he’d only ever seen one other spoke break like that, and it was on a K-mart bike.  OK. Fortunately, this happened right in front of a pleasantly inebriated Richmond dweller with access to a well-equipped toolbox. He zip-tied the floppy spoke parts well enough for me to limp home through the Park.

By the way, this was not the bike I am planning to take on Route 66.


Next up: one last longish ride to Pt. Reyes tomorrow. Forecast is for showers.


Written by Jim Bradbury

December 31, 2015 at 12:08 am

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