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Back to Belvedere

Anurang is panicking, and so would I if I had any sense. Not about riding Route 66 but about packing the Pac Tour bag. I’m going to try tackling that tomorrow. Anyway, Anurang didn’t want to spend more than a few hours riding today so no “longish ride.”

I awoke to the sound of… rain. But by 7:00 it seemed to have stopped, so we (Anurang, Bonnie, and I) met at the Bridge at 8:15 for a spin around southern Marin. First, of course, we practiced eating a big breakfast (a Route 66 core skill) at the excellent Lighthouse Cafe in Sausalito. Then, we headed toward Tiburon, with a detour through Belvedere to show Bonnie the excellent Push-Your-Bike-Up-a-Hill shortcut.


Then we did the Paradise Loop, which is now a Loop again, instead of an Out and Back. We were able to see the sink hole that deterred us last Wednesday night by the light of day, as well.

I spent the rest of the afternoon prepping my Rivendell for Pac Tour: adding aerobars (for comfort, not for aero), putting on a new rear tire, installing a fancy new cyclometer, switching to SPD pedals, lubing the chain, and cleaning and conditioning the saddle.


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December 31, 2015 at 12:08 am

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